Mission Impossible: Register by May 1st.

    Looking to test yourself and your vehicle? Mission Impossible is the place. M.I. is on land next to the Badlands public park. It offers more challenging and fun trails with none of the crowd. For a fee we can get into M.I. and have a guide to help us through. You can make the trails harder or easier, but on the whole the trails rate difficult. Here's the details:

    Date: May 17th. Must register and pay by May 1st.

    Minimum recommend equipment: 34-35" tires, lockers, sliders, winch

    # of trucks: 5-10

    Cost: $60/truck  That is based upon the minimum 5 trucks. If we get more trucks(up till 10) the price will go down and the difference will be returned.

    Normal $20 park entrance fee + $10 per vehicle. Also a $150 trail guide fee split between trucks. If we do not get 5 trucks by May 1, all money will be refunded.

    Payment available by PayPal

    Click the PayPal link Below